Heila Parks

Heila Parks

An apartment development project

Heila is a brand new apartment project located in the most desirable district of Riga - Mežaparks. It is meant for people who enjoy the benefits of living in a city, but also love nature. We don't want to brag, but we feel that heilaparks.lv reflects the best features of this project splendidly. If you are looking for proof that our web design services are top-notch, look no further than this. We'll take you through the ins and outs of how we helped this housing project reach it's full potential on their brand new website.


The project's greatest challenge definitely was the scale of it. As happy as we were to shine a light on such an amazing housing village, we also understood how much functionality and information we will need to include in the website, at the same time making everything user friendly and not overwhelming. Easy, right?


To address Heila's need for a highly functional, highly informative, (but still) user-friendly website, our team focused on improving the flow of the website and highlighting the best features of the apartments and buildings. 
We implemented a clean and intuitive design that made it easy for users to browse available units and learn more about the development. Additionally, we integrated a 360-degree virtual tour that allowed users to explore the apartments and amenities in detail. This added an immersive element to the website and helped potential tenants visualize what it would be like to live there. 


Heila's design consists of various levels on which you can browse the estates - view of the whole housing project, view of a concrete building with the option to choose a floor, next there are the level of floor plans and the last but not least - 3D tours of the apartments. 

The design consists of Heila's signature colors - green, yellow and black. 

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Rich content

Although there are a lot of movements and visual materials on the website, we would like to emphasize that all of it is there for a reason - to fully reveal all that these apartments have to offer.  
Either it be the integrated 360 tours of the apartments or the option to view each building from every angle. 

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Our collaboration with Heila Parks culminated in a dynamic, visually appealing, and seamless online experience that perfectly aligns with their ethos of eco-friendliness and urban comfort. As Heila Parks continues to progress in its mission to provide sustainable and modern living solutions, the platform we've meticulously crafted will serve as a compelling digital extension of their groundbreaking work. This project stands as a testament to DigiComm's approach, defined by the harmonious synergy of technology, creativity, and commitment.