Design Animation Development

A simple answer for complex stories in a digital world



Fun and moving website for a tasty new product

Vela Capitals

Distinctive one-page website for a commodity brokerage company

Aluksne Poultry Farm

DigiComm Transforms Aluksne Poultry Farm's Online Presence


Transforming Equine74's Online Presence

Riga International Airport

Welcome to RIX Airport City - Latvia's main airport and the webpage we designed and developed for it


Small but experienced team working with agencies and clients for over a decade. Thanks to our past collaborations, we have worked with Latvia's best creative agencies, leading brands on the market, and promising startups.

Air Baltic


Brand & strategy

Brand & strategy

Strategy, branding, and visual language that creates lasting bonds with customers

All things web

All things web

Research, design, development, or just about anything you may need for your web project

Advertising solutions

Advertising solutions

We have a specialized collaboration model for agencies: we can handle your HTML5 ads, 2D animations, e-mail marketing, landing pages, and more.

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Our typical client

We don't claim the top spot among the most or least expensive agencies out there, but we strive to provide most value. Without a careful assessment of a client's needs it's hard to estimate, but a baseline of 8,000 € to 12,000 € would get you a mid-sized site with the following specs:

Research, design, animations, analytics, coding, etc.

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