A creative website for public relations agency

In the exciting world of PR, image is everything! So we were hugely excited to be asked to create a new corporate website for Repute - a leading full-service public relations agency in the Baltic States and an affiliate of Weber Shandwick.

The Challenge

In an industry filled with PR agencies, Repute stands out for its expertise, principles, and full-service offering. Our task was to bring this excellence to life through a new website for the agency - one that would blend the perfect mix of branding, design, UI animations and technical expertise to allow Repute to elevate its offer beyond the competition.
Our client had already seen what DigiComm could do, and the web design brief allowed our team to work together cohesively and do what it does best: creating best-in-class websites that look superb, perform flawlessly, and deliver those all-important conversions.

Website Structure
Website Wireframe

Design & brand application

The client was excited to apply its new visual identity guidelines, and our design studio worked to translate this into a crisp, corporate and modern web design which truly spoke to the client's target audiences. We used a single scrolling template for optimized smartphone access, and visual tools such as colour differentiation to define and distinguish between the various service lines that Repute provides; a simple but powerful way to organize service offers in a way that helps users navigate content with ease. The finished visual is clean, professional and beautiful to look at; allowing the content to shine with seamless transitions, clear service organisation and a clean, appealing communication of the client's brand.

Website Fonts
Logo Colours

Website optimization

Our design studio also optimized the web design and functionality to make it easier for people to get in touch - another key requirement of the brief. We achieved this via (literally) bold means; maximizing the Call To Action (CTAs) and customizing them for each service line and key areas of the site. Very often, the secret to great design is finding the simplest, cleanest solution, which in turn helps to guide user behaviour and delivers desired outcomes for the business.

Strategic storytelling

Our team worked hard to exceed expectations on this project. We're passionate about delighting our clients, so we thought broadly about Repute's business and sought to truly identify all the aspects that make it stand out. By understanding our client's values and experience, we were able to devise an entirely fresh content section which highlights their rich body of experience in working with different artists and shares their connection to the art world.

Website Directions Preview


Great animations aren't necessarily 'all singing, all dancing'. The movement in this powerful new website is subtle and not always immediately obvious, but the UI animations are constant and consciously present; bringing the website content to life and helping users flow through the site easily. Our animators couldn't resist the temptation to add a little extra to the project, and got a little creative with the Weber Shandwick logo - something the client loved!

Technical development

The beautiful appearance and seamless functionality of the site are enabled by the in-depth work that our technical team puts into every website build. This was a particularly special project for us because we led with cutting-edge technical solutions to underpin each design aspect, however small the corresponding visual was in the grand scheme of the site.

This isn't necessarily the most 'convenient' or easy way to develop a website and, to the end user, the work that sits behind a visual or click might not be immediately apparent. However, this attention to technical detail is evident in the analytics and performance of the website. We didn't bend, and we didn't compromise when bringing this full-screen website's beauty to life, and we never will! Quality technical solutions lie at the heart of what we do, and this approach translates into real results for our clients!

The result

Once again, our technical experts and creative studio were able to blend their vision, talents and skills together to superb effect. We take absolute pride in delivering the best possible solutions, with robust technical builds that underpin beautiful graphics for a complete solution. Our client was delighted with the finished website too, which is already beginning to deliver tangible results.


Awwwards Honorable Mention
CSS Design Awards UI, UX & Innovation Award /Special Kudos
CSS Winner Star Award
Mind Sparkle Mag SOTD
Fonts in Use Featured

From the client

We were impressed by the team's capability to create ideas that fit our company's values and culture.

Inga Galkina

Partner, Strategic Consultant