Connecting global markets for a leading commodity trader

Celetum, a leading international commodity trading company, partnered with DigiComm to create a website and brand identity that would showcase their global presence and the value they bring to buyers and sellers in the commodity market. With a focus on vegetable oils, boron compounds, and vitamin K, Celetum needed a digital platform and visual identity that would reflect their expertise and facilitate their role as a comprehensive service provider in the industry.

The Challenge

As a company operating in a complex and fast-paced industry, Celetum required a website and brand identity that would not only inform but also engage their target audience. The site needed to communicate the scale of their operations, the depth of their services, and their commitment to facilitating trade on a global scale. Additionally, the design had to be original, attention-grabbing, and reflective of Celetum’s unique position in the market.

Our Approach

DigiComm took on this challenge with a strategy that prioritized creativity, functionality, and user engagement. Given complete creative freedom, our team developed a concept that would highlight Celetum’s global reach and their role in connecting buyers and sellers worldwide. 

Defining the Brand Position and Visual Style

DigiComm began by working closely with Celetum to define their brand position and visual style. The goal was to create a look and feel that would represent Celetum’s role in the financial world while setting them apart from competitors. We settled on a classic financial style with a modern twist – a balance of traditional elegance and innovative flair that perfectly captures Celetum’s unique approach.

Crafting a New Brand Identity

With the visual style established, DigiComm created a new logo and visual identity for Celetum. The resulting logo is clean and modern, with a subtle twist that reflects the company’s straightforward yet innovative spirit. This new identity was then implemented across all aspects of the website design.

Celetum Colors
Celetum Typography

Showcasing Global Presence

To emphasize Celetum’s international operations, we created an interactive, pixelated map that displays the numerous countries and regions where the company is active. This stylized representation not only adds a unique visual element but also reinforces the scale and importance of Celetum’s work.

Celetum Markets

Custom Page Transitions

Each page transition on the website was designed from scratch to represent the idea of the section or the regions where Celetum operates. This attention to detail serves to continuously remind the viewer of Celetum’s primary mission: facilitating global trade.

Engaging Animations

One of the standout features of the website is a complex animation of a thread that untangles and becomes a single line connecting the words “trades” and “connected.” This visual metaphor powerfully represents the value Celetum brings to its clients. Despite the technical challenges involved in creating this high frame rate animation, our team successfully brought this concept to life.


Throughout the development process, DigiComm encountered and overcame numerous challenges. Many of the design elements, such as the custom transitions and the untangling thread animation, were completely original and required innovative solutions. Our team’s expertise and determination allowed us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in web design and deliver a truly unique product.
In addition to design and development, DigiComm was also responsible for the website’s structure, concept, copywriting, and motion design. This comprehensive approach ensured that every aspect of the site was aligned with Celetum’s new brand position and visual style.

The Result

The end result is a website and brand identity that not only meets but exceeds Celetum’s expectations. The site effectively communicates the scale and importance of their work, engages users with its unique design and interactive elements, and sets Celetum apart in the competitive world of international commodity trading.
The Celetum website and brand identity stand as a testament to DigiComm’s ability to take on complex challenges, push creative boundaries, and deliver innovative digital solutions that drive business success.