A promising startup aiming to revolutionize the restaurant industry


OrderBee is a promising startup aiming to optimize the process of serving food with a solution that makes customer service much easier by providing a simple QR code ticket system. 
The project required a combination of forward-thinking and an in-depth understanding of the end-users’ needs. We opted to create a self-explanatory product aligned with the latest tech developments and trending digital communication tools, while keeping the result simple and modular.


When a game-changer product knocks on the door - we are ready to welcome it with arms wide open. We could not pass up on the opportunity when the startup OrderBee requested our help with their groundbreaking idea on how to ease the process of serving food.
How to successfully deliver this great but “not so easy to explain” solution to the already overwhelmed caterers surely presented a challenge. We took on the creation of a product that is technically advanced yet sounds, looks and truly IS simple to use.


Our solution on how to make OrderBee easy to use but fully functional was grounded on the idea that, along with a well thought out technical side and fun and easy to use design, we need to have a smartly executed content strategy which helps to answer all the questions before you even have them.

Order Bee Coffee


We kicked off by creating a style guide for the brand comprised of logo, general color scheme and typography. It became the base of the brand’s visual identity on which all the following materials were built. Design for the B2B website, mobile app and also (once in a blue moon non-digital gig for us) QR slip design.

Qr Slip


Next - talking content: we created a short “How it works” video to quickly and efficiently explain the concept. In addition to the website's content, we put together a blog where we drilled the message even deeper and communicated in greater detail how the product revolutionizes catering. The blog was optimized to serve as a platform for further content marketing.


No effort was spared in the execution of the most demanding part of the project which also proved to be the most time-consuming. The front/backend development of the webpage along with the various integrations: the QR ticket codes and payment system among others. Orderbee.io is your go-to resource where you can learn all about the concept and also subscribe for the QR slips needed for the system to work. The integrated system makes the process of making a payment on the spot, a walk in the park. Behind the simple interface, Orderbee.io packs an admin panel with a powerful range of functionalities - stats, user management, ticket generating, ticket batch handling and API that enables access to all features from external providers.

Website Preview

The App

We also developed an Orderbee app which enables its users to get push notifications when their order’s ready as well as keep track of all their orders at the same time in the same place. The app is available on App store and Google play store.



Caterer or not, nobody likes waiting in lines. We call faster and more efficient deliveries an absolute win.