An international trading company

Ragrow is a merchant in various physical commodities with global exposure and extensive market knowledge. They made the deliberate yet delicate decision to entrust us with the creation of their brand strategy. That choice required confidence (it always does) that we were determined to uphold.

Dare we say, we delivered a solution we are proud of. We conceptualised an identity and a brand message that extends across borders, fulfilling the main goal of this project.

The message we offered highlighted Ragrow as being one of a kind in a sea of many thanks to the company’s ability to perform equally well on radically opposite levels - micro and macro. 


To collaborate with Ragrow was an astounding opportunity. Cool as it was, it did not make the project any less challenging. Along with the crucial task of devising their brand strategy, we got to create our first-ever website geared for the Chinese audience.

The goal was to create an identity that assures clients all around the globe that the company is not only special, but professional, experienced, and deserving of their trust. Mediocrity just does not cut it in this industry. Thankfully we are in the business of delivering excellence. 

Ragrow Richard Branson
Ragrow Elon Musk
Ragrow Lady Gaga
Ragrow Not Average


Our approach to overcoming the challenges this project revealed involved focusing on three main aspects. To begin with, we prioritized creating a user-friendly design that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate, ensuring that even those without technical expertise can use the app with ease. Additionally, we developed the website as a progressive web app (PWA) that functions seamlessly both online and offline, enabling horse owners to access the app and its features regardless of their internet connectivity. This feature makes it an invaluable tool for those in remote locations. Finally, we designed a simple yet comprehensive questionnaire for horse owners to fill out, capturing all relevant data about their horse's health over a 6-week period. This information can be easily shared with vets through a link to an HTML document or a PDF, streamlining the communication process between horse owners and their veterinarians.

Ragrow Graph
Ragrow Micro Macro 2


We stayed true to the message with the design and execution of Ragrow’s website. To make it appealing and understandable we maintained a minimalistic visual language. By doing so we ensured it speaks directly to whoever may see it, wherever in the world they may be. 

Ragrow Micro Macro
Ragrow Logo Design


We incorporated a message into their brand identity where flawless lines form the name in two distinct weights. Bold - thin, micro - macro, seep from Ragrow’s daily operations to these 6 letters and all the additional visual materials.



The website (along with all the other websites we develop) is highly funcional on all sorts of devices. 

Ragrow Envirnomental Policy Visual
Ragrow Mobile View
Ragrow Visualisation