Stomach Diary

Stomach Diary

A web app for Equine74

Our team was presented with the exciting opportunity to work alongside Dietz & Consorten, a reputable inbound marketing agency with a rich history in the equestrian industry. Our task was to create a web app for horse owners to help them gain insight into their horse's overall health status over a period of 6 weeks.


The project presented two primary challenges that needed to be addressed. Firstly, the app needed to be designed in a manner that was user-friendly, fully functional, and could operate offline, considering that horse owners may not have access to Wi-Fi while in remote areas. Secondly, a digital solution was required to allow horse owners to gather information about their horse's health and conveniently share it with their veterinarians.


Our approach to overcoming the challenges this project revealed involved focusing on three main aspects. To begin with, we prioritized creating a user-friendly design that is both visually appealing and easy to navigate, ensuring that even those without technical expertise can use the app with ease. Additionally, we developed the website as a progressive web app (PWA) that functions seamlessly both online and offline, enabling horse owners to access the app and its features regardless of their internet connectivity. This feature makes it an invaluable tool for those in remote locations. Finally, we designed a simple yet comprehensive questionnaire for horse owners to fill out, capturing all relevant data about their horse's health over a 6-week period. This information can be easily shared with vets through a link to an HTML document or a PDF, streamlining the communication process between horse owners and their veterinarians.

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Added value

Our team put considerable thought into developing an app that would not only meet client's expectations but also provide genuine value to horse owners and veterinarians. We recognized that the equestrian industry has unique challenges, such as remote locations with limited internet access, which required creative and innovative solutions. By developing a PWA and a user-friendly design, we were able to create an app that is both accessible and easy to use.

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The result

The web app we developed has been embraced by horse owners, who now have an efficient and reliable way to monitor their horse's health and share vital information with veterinarians. This has led to better communication between horse owners and vets, ultimately contributing to improved overall equine health.
Our collaboration with Dietz & Consorten has led to the creation of a tool that truly addresses the needs of the equestrian community, and we are proud to have played a part in enhancing the health and wellbeing of horses worldwide.