Naudas diena

Naudas diena

A nationwide live-event for Swedbank

In the realm of web development and design, some projects stand out not just for their complexity but also for their profound impact on society. DigiComm had the privilege of partnering with Swedbank, the largest bank in the Baltics, to bring their vision to life. 

Swedbank's Institute of Finances entrusted us with the task of creating two digital platforms to empower school children with invaluable financial knowledge. So buckle up as we take you on a whimsical journey through these projects and the results we achieved.

The Challenge

Swedbank's Institute of Finances wanted to organize an event, "Naudas diena" (Money Day), to educate school children about the intricacies of money management. They envisioned a dynamic platform that allowed teachers to register for the event and provided live streams for five different age groups.

Our Solution

As the result DigiComm developed a smart and user-friendly website for Naudas diena. We ensured that teachers could effortlessly register for the event and, on the day itself, immerse themselves in live streams tailored to each age group.


The Impact

"Naudas diena" draw more than 10,000 attendees. Users found the platform intuitive and engaging. 

Mobile 1@2x
Mobile 2@2x

The one with the two parts

Additionally Swedbank wanted us to develop a web application, "Ieguldījumu Portfelis", that allowed users to experiment with creating investment portfolios, manage stocks, and track performance. It was also one of the tasks for school children on the day of the event. 
So DigiComm designed a user-friendly, visually captivating web app that allowed users to select from a range of companies, allocate percentages to each, and input real stock market prices. Afterward, users could return at any time to update prices and observe the growth of their virtual investments.

Portfeļa Pārskats@2x

The Unseen Hero

Stress Testing. Amidst the creative whirlwind, we didn't forget the importance of stability. DigiComm performed stress tests to ensure that both websites could handle a deluge of users simultaneously. We couldn't risk the digital floodgates bursting open during these crucial events.

Pasākuma Norise@2x

The Result

In the realm of web development and design, our collaboration with Swedbank wasn't just a win for our team – it also meant we had a chance to be a part of a valuable experience. At DigiComm, we cherish the opportunities to make the digital world better, one project at a time.